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Willow By the Sea

Willow By The Sea - Nipple Balm

Willow By The Sea - Nipple Balm

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Soothe and Protect with Willow By The Sea's Nipple Balm

Are you a new mom dealing with nursing discomfort? Look no further than Willow By The Sea's Nipple Balm. Help soothe and restore nipples with our 100% certified organic balm, making breastfeeding more comfortable for new mothers. Ultra-creamy Mango and Shea butter combine their nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties while avocado oil and grapeseed oil help facilitate healing.

Mothers around the world trust Willow By The Sea's Nipple Balm for its gentle yet effective touch. Its natural, mild formula makes it ideal for both mom and the baby. It can be used before and after breastfeeding for maximum comfort.

Nipple balm is vegan friendly, contains zero lanolin and is completely fragrance free. 



Organic shea butter
Organic mango butter
Organic olive oil infused
Organic avocado oil
Organic grapeseed oil
Organic calendula flowers


Remove a small amount of balm from jar with dry, clean hands. Apply balm directly to the nipples as often as needed. Breastfeeding can occur without needing to wash balm off. Suitable for breastfeeding mums. Store in dry, cool place.

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