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The Play Card

The Play Card - The Silent Assasin

The Play Card - The Silent Assasin

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Play and Learn with The Silent Assassin - Kids Play Cards

These little ones have mastered mobility and are now more inquisitive than ever. They’re bolder, braver, and far more likely to use your expensive makeup on the goldfish. This is the time when silence is not golden, it’s downright suspicious.

They’re also becoming fun in a new and exciting way. Their language is developing, and their little personalities are really evolving. This is a great time to introduce new activities and new ways of thinking. This deck of cards keeps cheeky brains working on productive tasks, including the introduction of ‘dangerous’ play, heuristic play, and ideas to burn energy indoors. 

Order 'The Silent Assassin' now and let your kids step into an engaging world of play and learn. Remember, the best way to educate is to make learning fun, and our 'Kids Play Cards' are crafted precisely to that end. Give your kids a gift that they will enjoy and learn from.

Recommended for children aged between 2-4 years old. All activities must be done under adult supervision.

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