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The Play Card

The Play Card - The Explorer

The Play Card - The Explorer

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Introduce Your Kids to The Fascinating World of The Explorer Kids Play Cards

By this stage, they’ve (hopefully) learned that knives are sharp, nail-polish isn’t lipstick, and the dog would prefer to not share his water bowl with a human. They can follow instructions (mostly) and play independently.

The ‘explorer’ deck is bursting with ideas for natural exploration and independent play, all while teaching problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. You’ll find simple and safe science experiments, unexpected adventures, and family game ideas.

The Explorer Kids Play Cards can turn every learning session into a fabulous playing journey. Infused with engaging graphics and intriguing facts, these cards offer an interactive way to educate, entertain, and instill valuable knowledge into the young minds.

Why rely on traditional learning approaches when you can make education fun and interesting with our Explorer Kids Play Cards? 

Recommended for children aged 4+ years or older. All activities must be done under adult supervision.

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