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Polka - Non Alcohol Sparkling Rosé

Polka - Non Alcohol Sparkling Rosé

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Indulge in Polka’s Non-Alcoholic Rosé Sparkling

Experience the refined taste of rosé without alcohol with Polka's non-alcoholic rosé sparkling. It's everything you love about rosé – its fruity aroma, its vibrant color, its exquisite flavor – minus the alcohol.

As more and more people choose to lead sober lifestyles, our Polka non-alcohol rosé sparkling makes it easy to enjoy a glass without compromising on taste or experience. It’s non-alcoholic, yes, but it is brimming with character and depth.



Our newest addition to the range is a sparkling rosé, made from South Australian wine and featuring the native botanical Davidson Plum. A naturally bitter, tart, deep red fruit which adds depth to our red fruit characteristics.


De-alc South Australian wine, grape juice concentrate, Davidson Plum extract, ascorbic acid, sulphites.

Serving Suggestions
Keep refrigerated and serve cold in a champagne flute or coupe. Once opened, the sparkling should keep its fizz for up to 5 days with a champagne stopper.

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