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Polka - Non Alcohol Dry Red

Polka - Non Alcohol Dry Red

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Introducing the non-alcoholic Polka Dry Red

A revolutionary drink that provides a delightful red wine-like experience, without the risk of a hangover. It's perfect for those who love the sensation of a refined drink but prefer to stay away from alcohol.

Entering into the non-alc world, it was our ambition to develop a non-alc red wine that was truly representative of quality Australian wine. Until recently, we were of the firm belief that this was not possible.

Utilising an array of extraction methods and processes that have never been used in traditional winemaking, or non-alc wine making for that matter, we have a product that we are certain is taking non-alc wines to an entirely new level.

We've used cool climate SA Shiraz, however during the de-alc process, many of the Shiraz characteristics shift and we prefer to think of this as a light red that drinks similar to a Pinot Noir, Gamay or Grenache with notes of cherry, oak and vanilla.


De-alcoholised South Australian Shiraz, Tasmanian Pepperberry, Natural Extracts, Red Wine Concentrate.

Serving Suggestions

100-150ml in a wine glass. Pairs well with any protein and roasted vegetables or a cheese board.

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