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Pekpi - Posy Travel Wet Bag

Pekpi - Posy Travel Wet Bag

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Pekpi - Posy Travel Wet Bag: Your Ultimate Travel Companion


Our Travel Wet Bag is designed to fit 6 Cloth Nappies conveniently in a suitcase, or simply in your bag as a travel organiser. With a waterproof lining so you can carry used nappies home without concern for leaks.

Made from quality fabric, this travel bag is durable and can withstand the rigors of travel. It is also easy to clean, making it perfect for outdoor trips where it may get dirty or wet.

Made from REPREVE® Our Ocean™ a premium performance fabric made from 100% Post-consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles destined for our oceans. Inspired by a minimal lifestyle, Pekpi's Wet Bags feature neutral tones and on-trend prints designed for mindful modern babes.

Get your Pekpi Posy Travel Wet Bag today and experience the difference while feeling good about the impact you have on our planet!

Measurements: 26cm x 17cm x 17 cm

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