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Kiin - round stacking tower toy

Kiin - round stacking tower toy

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Experience Joyful Learning with Kiin Round Stacking Tower Toy

Babies, infants & toddlers will love the Kiin Round Stacking Tower! Made with 6 pieces, It is soft & flexible - a toy & teether in one!

Foster your child's cognitive development with our Kiin round stacking tower toy. This colorful stacking toy not only provides hours of fun but also stimulates your child's imagination and fine motor skills. 
The Rainbow Round Stacking Tower allows your child to explore the wonder of free play, and helps to stimulate their senses and develop skills, encouraging educational open-ended play. Kids will be engaged in play while learning about color, size, and shape differences.

In a world that's becoming increasingly digital, our Kiin round stacking tower toy offers a hands-on, screen-free play option that encourages creativity and critical thinking. Playtime becomes more than just fun with this educational stacking tower.

The stacking tower comes in our beautiful earthy Kiin colour palette!

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