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IZIMINI - Garden Toy Set

IZIMINI - Garden Toy Set

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Why Choose IZIMINI Kids Garden Toy Set?

Garden-loving parents, your prayers have been answered. You can now spend hours giving your garden some TLC with your mini by your side.

They’ll water, rake, and smile along with you in the great outdoors. With any luck, they’ll even de-weed your veggie patch to save you the trouble.

Getting your mini into the garden will help them develop that love of nature – and grow a green thumb from an early age.

The IZIMINI Garden Toys Set is made from 100% soft silicone that is safe for even the most accident-prone mini to use. Your little one will love them so much, they’ll carry them everywhere… from the garden to the beach, to the sandpit and back again!

This awesome toy set also:

  • Helps develop your child’s motor skills
  • Is BPA free and Phthalates free
  • Cleans with a simple rinse
  • Comes with a convenient, eco-friendly mesh carry bag
  • Comes in two colours (terracotta and pink)
  • Includes watering can, spade and rake
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