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Bohemian Bright

Bohemian Bright - Baby Bear White Play Suit

Bohemian Bright - Baby Bear White Play Suit

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Playful and Comfortable Kids Clothing

Introducing our adorable Baby Bear White Play Suit, specially designed for the tiniest explorers from Newborn to 1 year. Our new play suit has been crafted with 100% organic cotton and the utmost thought and care to provide both comfort and convenience for you and your little one.

Featuring a gentle elastic leg bands and wooden adjustable shoulder buttons for a more comfortable baby style fit. We've also included easy nappy change poppers for quick and hassle-free nappy changes, ensuring your baby stays comfortable throughout the day, whether they are playing or sleeping, this style is the perfect addition to your babies wardrobe.

Our beautiful mother and cub bear print, along with cheerful suns, adds a touch of love and fun to your baby's outfit, perfect for every precious moment, and an ode to this moment in time. These overalls are not just an outfit; they're a cosy and adorable statement piece for your little one's wardrobe, one you will love and treasure for your littlest sunshine. 

Join the thousands of parents who have embraced the love and  magic of Bohemian Bright. Make them a must-have addition to your little ones wardrobe, embodying comfort, style, and quality from the very start.


True to size. If your child is between 6-12m we recommend staying in that size range for best fit.

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