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Blossom And Pear

Blossom And Pear - 'Daddy' Crafted Ceramic Mug

Blossom And Pear - 'Daddy' Crafted Ceramic Mug

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Blossom And Pear 'Daddy' Crafted Ceramic Mug: The Perfect Gift for Dad

The 'Daddy' Crafted Ceramic Mug from Blossom And Pear is not just an ordinary household item. It's an expression of love and respect towards the special 'Daddy' in our life.Available in an ivory and speckled glaze, lovingly engraved and designed to last. Thoughtfully made to compliment your time spent journaling and reflecting on life's memorable moments.

With its easy-grip handle, perfect size, and beautifully inscribed 'Daddy', this mug is designed with thoughtfulness and care, to bring a smile to Daddy's face every time he enjoys his coffee or tea. Also, it's a great way to express your love and admiration to a father, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. It's a gift that ensures your Daddy starts his day off right, with his favourite beverage in a mug that's made just for him. Birthday or Father's Day, make it special with this 'Daddy' mug.

Each mug holds approximately 375ml of liquid when filled, and is approximately 9cm/3.5” tall & wide.

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