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3 Little Crowns

3 Little Crowns - Wooden Baby Brush Set

3 Little Crowns - Wooden Baby Brush Set

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Discover the Amazing Features of 3 Little Crowns - Wooden Baby Brush Set

Introducing our luxury 3 Little Crowns Wooden Baby Brush Set - an essential addition to your baby's grooming routine. Designed with great attention to detail, these brushes promise to care for your baby's scalp and keep it free from cradle cap.

Made from natural wood, our brushes are non-toxic, safe, and soft on your baby's skin. The soft bristles stimulate the natural oils in your baby's scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

In addition, the 3 Little Crowns brushes are perfect for detangling hair without causing breakage or discomfort. Light in weight, they are easy to handle and make grooming a breeze. Ideal for daily use, these brushes clean easily and last for a long time. Get the 3 Little Crowns Wooden Baby Brush Set and make every hair grooming session pleasant for your little one!

These gorgeous sets come in a slide out drawer box so they'll make a beautiful Heirloom or baby shower gift! 


Massage Brush

Featuring large soft wooden bristles for detangling hair. Brushing your baby's hair regularly can help reduce chances of developing cradle cap, a condition that causes flaking on scalps. Note: The small hole in the silicone base of the brush is not a flaw, it is to allow air to flow when pressed to maintain its shape. 

Soft Bristle Brush

Featuring soft goat hair bristles to help gently brush away any loose skin. Increases circulation to the hair follicles for healthy hair growth.

Soft Tip Comb

Great for styling and parting your babies hair. The wide spaces between the comb’s teeth allow them to move easily through his or her tresses.

Please note, the wood grain from set to set may differ slightly due to the nature of beechwood. 

Designed in Australia, ethically made in China.

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